All our flanges are casted with an aluminium alloy of first melting, guaranteeing an unmatched quality of our products.

All our flanges are polished and can be delivered with oxidation treatment to improve the surface roughness and to reduce darkening of threads directly in contact with the aluminium part.

Our models of flanges can reach from 300 to 1250 mm of diameter:

We also can deliver fixed flanges for half beams made of aluminium or made of steel with zinc plating.

Quality classes

Quality class
Exemples of recommended applications
Limit values, k (kN/mm)
Light duty
Natural fibers (except silk), regenerate cellulose, mixed yarns and natural/artificial yarns in a proportion of 67/33.
20 < k < 50
Medium duty
Regenerate cellulose yarns (for ex viscose, ecetate, etc...) and glass yarns and silk.
50 < k < 125
Heavy duty
Relaxed yarns of chemical fibers ( for ex. Polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polyolefin, etc...).
125 < k < 200
Extra heavy duty
On relaxed yarns of chemical fibers.
k > 200

Flange quality classes diagram

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